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ID Nutrition is a fully customized supplement program that takes the guesswork out of deciding what supplements to take and when. Our HIPAA compliant ID Assessment ensure you receive the supplements that will benefit you and eliminates any supplements that could have adverse effects. Developed over 18 years by a group of scientists and doctors, this extensive technology takes into consideration what medications you are currently taking, your dietary habits, allergies and much more!

The ID Assessment will also provide your ID Health Score, a comprehensive Health Report, and provide you with nutritional recommendations customized to you based on your responses to the ID Assessment. Every ID Nutrition order is individually packed with your name on it and delivered right to your front door each month.

There are over 5,470 algorithms yielding 1.5 million potential results that are tied to scientific/ medical studies. The program takes your answers and relates it to the science in the studies to deliver the recommendations for each person. The studies provide the basis and support for the recommendations given by the IDNutrition assessment results.

Welcome to the Future of Health & Wellness

Over the last 18 years, a group of scientists and doctors have been working on the development of a one-of-a-kind nutritional supplement program that takes all the guess work out of what you need and delivers your truly personalized pharmaceutical grade nutrition, with your name on it, directly to your door. Through the integration of thousands of medical and scientific studies, answers you provide to the free HIPAA compliant ID Assessment, and more than 5,470 algorithms that process the data, ID Nutrition recommends what you need, leaves out what you don’t, and blocks things known to the system to have possible adverse effects based on the answers you provide. The result is a program that is revolutionizing the health and wellness industry.

When it Comes to Nutrition, One Size Does Not Fit All

At IDLife, we understand that no two people are alike. You simply take a free, thorough, confidential, HIPAA compliant online assessment based on your diet, lifestyle, body type, physical condition, health issues and medications and receive your personalized supplement recommendation backed by independent third party medical and scientific studies that you can review and verify yourself. It’s that easy!

Isn’t IDNutrition just like the vitamins I already take?

No, they are very different. These products are scientifically formulated to provide you the appropriate nutrients at the appropriate time for someone in your unique situation, but more importantly block nutrients you should not be taking because of your conditions or current medications. Put more simply, it’s everything you need and nothing that you don’t. It is truly a revolutionary platform that cannot be purchased on any shelf.

Isn’t this program expensive?

If you attempted to purchase these ingredients separately at any retail outlet, you would pay an average of 30% more without the convenience of the daily packs, quality assurance or scheduled delivery option.

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Pure Ingredients For A Natural Cleanse

When you start taking ID Nutrition, you will feel the difference because for the first time you will be taking exactly what your body needs, when it needs it. But more importantly, ID Nutrition begins a natural cleansing of the toxins and impurities your body has been storing from products that contain processed and artificial ingredients.

Through industry leading absorption rates, you can have comfort in knowing that your body is receiving the full benefits of the nutrients being ingested and that those nutrients are designed to address your nutritional deficiencies with pharmaceutical grade supplementation.

What happens if I miss a pack or a full day of packs?

If you miss a pack, take it as soon as possible once discovering the omission; you will lose the effectiveness of Chronobiology, but having some benefit is better than none. If you miss a day entirely, simply start again the next day. The program is designed to provide optimal benefits when taken regularly, so set up a routine and place the pack on your kitchen counter or in a place you will see them each day.

When will the vitamins take effect?

You should begin to see preliminary benefits as early as 10 days. The maximum benefit, however, is usually achieved after 90 days of continuous use.

What are the IDNutrition™ commitments to ingredient quality?

  • Nutritional supplements have a wide variation in ingredient “quality” and, to a lesser extent, ingredient “quantity”.
  • Quality is Mission Critical and can vary as to potency, purity, solubility and absorbability.
  • Potency is critical in that the amount of active ingredient is verified as present in the right bioactive form. IDNutrition™ ingredients are carefully selected, certified and verified by our manufacturers. IDNutrition™ also uses outside independent laboratories to inspect and certify the potency of each ingredient.
  • Purity is critical in that all ingredients contained are free of pesticides, herbicides, and any chemical contaminants. IDNutrition™ ingredients are carefully selected, certified and verified to guarantee the purity of each ingredient. IDNutrition™ also uses outside independent laboratories to inspect and certify the purity of each ingredient.
  • Solubility is critical regardless of the potency and purity of the ingredients. If the tablet or capsule is not readily soluble, the ingredients will not be broken down and instead will be eliminated from the body before the nutritional value can be realized. IDNutrition™ utilizes outside independent laboratories to verify disintegration rates of its tablet and capsule formulations to assure the pure and potent ingredients are available for absorption.
  • Absorbability is critical because once the potent, pure, soluble ingredients are broken down for absorption they are bioavailable and in a form to be readily absorbed into your blood stream. IDNutrition™ formulations not only use ingredients that are pharmaceutical grade but they are also derived from natural sources.
  • Quantity as it relates to nutritional supplements refers to the IDNutrition™ philosophy of the “Right Dose at the Right Time”. While we address the “Right Time” (Chronotherapy) in another section, we emphasize the Right Dose and believe that “overdosing” of nutritional supplements is as much a problem as “under-dosing”.
  • Our formulas provide only ingredients that have scientific evidence (often called evidence-based) behind the recommendations and we provide the level of ingredients as close as possible to the dose used in the scientific studies. Many supplement companies will add unnecessary or minimal ingredients to project the image of a potent formula, but the quantity of each ingredient is minuscule (under-dosing) and far below the level required to deliver a positive result. In the nutrition industry, this practice is often referred to as “label paint”, or “Big Hat No Cattle”.
  • IDNutrition™ endeavors to use the studied amount of each ingredient and also does not believe in very high doses of nutrients (mega-dosing) where it is assumed if x is beneficial, 3x is more beneficial.
  • Mega-dosing or “overdosing” is often dangerous leading to unwanted side effects and is even wasteful since “overdosing” is not only a waste of money but the entire excessive ingredient amounts are being excreted.
  • The amounts of ingredients in the IDNutrition™ formulas are therefore kept at a higher standard with both quality and quantity in their formulas than most nutritional supplements.

The Science of Chronobiology

ID Nutrition incorporates the science of chronobiology, which assures that you aren’t just receiving the right nutrients, but that you are receiving those nutrients at a time when your biological rhythms are optimized to receive them. And to make things easy, your personalized strip packs are delivered in convenient and portable AM/PM strip packs.

Is IDNutrition Vegan Friendly?

Tablets do not contain any gelatin; therefore vegans can take IDNutrition™ tablets without any problem. However, gelatin in the two-piece capsules and in soft gels is derived from animal sources (generally from bovine).

Why are your products better, and why is your manufacturing of products better?

  • Other manufacturers of dietary supplements use ingredients with varying degrees of quality. Nutrients should be tested for toxic substances and any kind of contamination.
  • IDNutrition™ uses high quality, pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are manufactured under c-GMP guidelines (current good manufacturing practices guidelines are issued by United States FDA).
  • All of IDNutrition™ products are tested by FDA approved independent laboratories for quality and potency.

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