IDLife Energy Shot

IDLife SHOT is a unique and proprietary blend of natural energy boosters that helps you get through a tough training session, provides a quick pick-me-up during a slow afternoon in class or at work, and supports a balanced diet. Shot was designed to be the solution for our fast-paced world that zaps our energy and leaves us exhausted, which leads to poor weight management, mental and physical stress, and a loss of productivity. SHOT allows you to refuel and keep your body performing at its peak, no matter what life may throw your way.

IDLife Energy Shot Review

"My mother introduced me to the shots after giving me some samples for Christmas. I drank one before my shift the next work day and by lunchtime, my rate went from 60 percent to 96 percent! This product really saved my job. I can drink one shot and keep up and I don't crash. It really makes you feel like you've had the best rest of your life. Thank you ID Life for coming up with such a great product!" - Brandi Moore

Why should I use this Energy Shot instead of other brands?

IDLife’s Shot provides the results you are looking for without the unnecessary ingredients. Most people take shots to help them in completing a task. The IDLife Energy Shot provides not only the needed boost of energy, but also mental clarity to focus on the activity at hand.

Should I take the full Shot at one time, or can I spread it out throughout the day?

It was designed to take as a full shot at one time, but you can spread it out according to your personal preferences. Consume no more than one bottle every six hours. It is recommended not to exceed more than three Shots in one day. It is recommended by Georgetown to not consume directly before falling asleep.

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